General Hospital: William Lipton Embarks On A New Adventure, But Has He Really Left GH?

Life is never stable for any resident of Port Charles on General Hospital. And, Cameron is not immune to PC’s constant setbacks either. The youngster recently suffered a massive heartbreak when his girlfriend, Joss, chose Dex over him. In fact, she cheated Cam with Dex by getting intimate with the latter while still in a relationship with the former. If that wasn’t enough, Esme Prince’s return has also brought a truckload of drama and she has the potential to engulf everybody in it.

Thus, it made a lot of sense when Cameron decided to bid goodbye to his life in Port Charles. He is now heading off to college at Stanford on General Hospital. He claimed that he is choosing to move because of the scholarship he won and of course, the chance to play soccer for the college team. However, his buddy, Spencer, believes that he is just trying to escape life at PC. Although, even if Spencer is right, we can see why Cam would do so. He really needs a breather!

Ever since the news came forth, General Hospital fans started to bid goodbye to the star. But does Cam going to college really mean the end of actor William Lipton’s time on the ABC soap? There has been no official confirmation yet by the star or the production regarding his exit yet. However, while trying to find answer for you, we noticed William’s Instagram bio, which still mentions him as “Cameron Webber on General Hospital.” So what’s really going on? Are we still going to see him as Cam on GH or not?

Well, if Cameron does leave for Stanford on General Hospital, it’s undoubtedly a bleak chance that he will be seen in Port Charles again almost immediately. However, the possibility of him returning home later is always there. Actor William Lipton has also bagged a marvelous role in an upcoming project for Lighthouse Films. Which is tentatively titled, “the Untitled Band Project.” The production house’s official page had posted a BTS from the shoot of the project’s pilot episode a while ago.

So there is a huge possibility that actor William Lipton’s break from General Hospital to could be a way to accommodate the shoot for the rest of the episodes of the project. However, once the project wraps up, we can hope to see William return to GH as Cam. Until then we will keep our fingers crossed that he does return! Are you excited for William’s upcoming project?