General Hospital Spoilers: Big Romantic SHAKEUPS Coming Up In The Week Of March 20-24, 2023

General Hospital is gearing up for some huge romantic twits in the coming week of March 20-24, 2023. While Chase and Brook Lynn will come closer to each other, Portia and Curtis might just make a final decision about their relationship. Will Curtis finally decide to end his marriage with Portia? Over with Nina, she will start feeling insecure about her relationship with Sonny. Did the recent attack on Sonny leave Nina scared for her future with him? Let’s read further to know what GH has in store for the viewers in the coming week.

Brook Lynn And Harrison Chase’s Romantic Closeness Increases

In the recent General Hospital spoilers, it said that Willow would have quality advice for Chase to consider. Since she knows that Chase isn’t over his ex, she will want him to fight for his love! Looks like Chase will finally confess his feelings to Brook. However, she will also have something to confess to him. So, she will confess about the contract with Linc Brown.

Fans might remember the time when Chase realized that he is the right one to take down Linc Brown. Not just Brook, but he has betrayed many other singers, so he thought to take him down himself. Maybe getting back together with Brook might lead him to move forward with his initial plan to make Linc pay for his sins. Let’s wait to see how this couple will team up to get some justice.

General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis And Portia Breakup?

Over with Portia and Curtis, things seem the same but a bit too distant as the days pass by. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Curtis will continue to avoid Portia. Fans know how Marshall advised Portia to fight for her love. Even though she wants his give her husband some time, Marshall won’t think it’s right! Whatever the case, we have to see if Portia will try talking to Curtis. How will he behave when she approaches him?

Fans know how Curtis had a talk with Trina about getting a DNA test, but she refused him. By now, Curtis knows very well that his bond with his daughter is damaged beyond repair. So, possibilities are there that he might just decide to break up with Portia as well. Jordan already has feelings for her ex-husband, will these two get back together in the coming episodes? We will know that soon.

Nina Is Scared About Her Future With Sonny

Finally, Nina will get updates about the recent attack on Sonny. With god’s grace, Dex ducked Sonny at the right time, which is why Sonny is alive right now! General Hospital spoilers say Sonny will be the person who updates Nina on this. Of course, Sonny will fear for her family as well since Brick already warned him. This time, the enemy is a bit more dangerous, so Nina will also fear for her family.

In the meantime, possibilities are there that Nina might get a taste of how it feels to live with a mob leader. With all the frequent threats not just to Sonny but also to her family, Nina will be worried sick. Will this realization leave Nina to take some serious relationship decisions in the future?