All Day Menu


Borekas:                           4.75
Delicate puff pastry stuffed with a blend of delectable flavors.
Choose from these classics
Spinach & feta (vg)
Savory eggplant (vg)
Peppers & feta (vg)
Potato (vg)

Dolmades:                         4.50
4 Greek rice wrapped in grape leaves (vg)

Moroccan Cigars              5.25
Spiced ground beef wrapped in 2 crispy fillo dough cigars

Add grilled chicken or gyros meat to any salad for 4.25                

Greek Salad:                       7.95
Lettuce, cucumbers, Tomato, kalamata olives, red onion and feta with delicate Greek vinaigrette (vg, gf)

Gyros Salad                          8.25
Gyros meat with lettuce, tomato, onion, tzatziki and chef’s vinagratte.

Falafel salad                        7.95
4 falafel balls with lettuce, tomato, onion, tahini and chef’s vinagratte. (v,vg)

Apple walnut salad            8.95
Lettuce/spring mix, apples,candied walnuts, goat cheese and vinagrette (gf,vg)

Hummus Entrees
Enjoy our famous hummus made fresh daily! Share a plate with friends and family, all hummus is served with pita.

Hummus Classic:               6.50
With our tahini unique sauce and olive oil (gf,v)

Hummuseya:                       8.50
Sampler of 3 small Hummus tapas, choose your toppings: bean delight, evergreen, babaganoush, olive tapenade, harissa, za’atar (gf,v)

Hummus Chickpea             8.50
The classic topped with warm spiced garbanzo beans (gf,v)

Hummus Fava                      8.75
The classic topped with slow cooked fava beans (gf,v)

Hummus trio                        8.95
The classic topped with fava and garbanzo beans and tahini (gf,v)

Hummus Mushroom          8.95
The classic with sautéed mushrooms and onions (gf,v)

Hummus Beef                       10.25
The classic, topped with delicious ground beef/lamb (gyros meat)

Hummus Chicken shawarma            10.25
The classic topped with delicious flavored seared chicken  &onion.(gf)

Grilled Entrees 
With choice of 2 sides and 1 pita

Beef kebab                                10.25
Ground beef patties seasoned with herbs and grilled to perfection (gf)

Lamb Chops                              15.95
Marinated with our special marinade and grilled to your taste (gf)

Shawarma   chicken                10.25
Chicken and onion flavored with old world spices & seared to perfection (gf)

Jerusalem mix                            11.25
Strips of lamb, beef and chicken with onion & special seasoning and deliciously seared (Gf)

Gyros plate                                  10.25
Beef and lamb with onion, and tsaziki

Served with side Israeli salad, add small hummus for 2.95

Chef Yaffa’s Panini:                    8.25
Spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese & Chef Yaffa’s Evergreen Sauce (vg)

Aviv’s Vegan Panini:                   8.25
Roasted eggplant, cooked tomatoes, and Chef Yaffa’s Evergreen Sauce (v, vg)

Tuna Panini:                                  8.25
Delicate lemon spread, tuna, feta cheese

Vegetarian Delight
With choice of 2 sides and 1 pita

Portabella Venetia                        10.25
Portabella mushroom roasted in our special marinade and topped with feta cheese (vg)

Veggie platter combo                   12.95
Bean delight, savory carrot salad, authentic beet salad, babaganoush, labane, Falafel and dolmades (vg)

Falafel plater                                    10.25
6 falafel balls, served with babaganoush, hummus, and tahini (vg)

Couscous with vegetables            10.25
Couscous with authentically stewed and seasoned vegetables. The true mediterranean comfort food (v, vg)

Israeli Favorites
Served with one pita, add side classic Hummus for $2.95

Shakshuka                                        8.95
2 eggs, poached over cooked tomato and green peppers in our special spiced mix (gf, vg)
Add spinach       1.00
Add feta cheese 1.00
Add mushroom: 1.00
Add kosher beef salami   1.99

Vienna Schnitzel:                          10.25
Breaded chicken Breast with special Lemon spread, with saffron rice and side Israeli salad

Couscous Chicken                        12.95
Couscous with authentically stewed seasoned chicken vegetables Served with side Israeli salad. The quintessential Mediterranean comfort food.


Hummus & salad wrap                6.95
Hummus, tahini, and Israeli salad (vg, v)

Falafel Wrap:                                  7.95
4 balls rolled in pita with hummus, Israeli salad & tahini (vg, v)

Gyros Wrap:                                    7.95
Gyros meat rolled in pita with Israeli salad & tzatziki

Shawarma wrap                            8.25
Chicken and onion flavored with spices seared rolled in pita with hummus and Israeli salad

Jerusalem mix wrap                    8.95      
Chicken, beef, lamb and onions seared with our spices, and rolled in pita with hummus &  Israeli salad.


Soup of the Day                            3.25/5.95
Discover a new soup from around the Mediterranean

Neshama Chicken Soup             3.25/5.95
Chicken, celery, zucchini, tomato, onion, garbanzo beans, potato, carrot & cilantro (gf)

Casablanca Split Pea Soup        3.25/5.95
A blend of split peas, and spices (gf, v)

Quiche of the Day 

Chef Yaffa’sQuiche:                     6.95
Ask about our specialty French-style quiche. Add side Israeli salad or side classic Hummus for 2.95

Chef’s Specials 

Moroccan Pastia:                          13.25
Fillo dough filled with layers of saffron eggs, caramelized almonds,& turkey/beef, topped with cinnamon,& powdered sugar,& eggplant dessert, and orange blossom

Vegan Pastia:                                  13.25
Vegan twist on the Moroccan specialty with sweet potato, zucchini, spinach, tofu, almonds, caramelized onion, topped with eggplant dessert (v)

Combination Platter:                   15.95
Served with 1 pita, kebab, chef seared mix, falafel, dolmades, hummus, babaganush, Israeli salad and saffron rice.

*Every Wednesday chef Yaffa prepares a unique dinner from her collection. Come in for an epicurean adventure*


Espresso:                          2.00/2.50
Café au lait:                    3.003.50
Latte:                                3.25/3.75
Café mocha:                   3.25/3.75
Americano:                     2.00/3.00
Flavored coffees:           0.25
Turkish coffee                2.25
Spiced tea:                      2.50     (cardamom, cinnamon)
Classic Tea:                     2.25     (with fresh mint)                                                             Pomegranate Tea:        2.50
Orange Blossom tea:    2.50

12oz can                           1.25
16 oz                                  2.00
20 oz                                 2.25

Assorted Lemonades:   2.00      

Bottled Water:                1.25


Fruit pastia              11.95 (for 2), 7.00 (individual size)
Fillo dough filled with apricots, pears, plums, apples, almonds, with orange blossom syrup, powdered sugar, and cinnamon (VG)

Baklava                                              2.00/4.00
Low fat vanilla cheese cake        5.00
Chocolate cake delight                 5.00
Tiramisu                                            5.00
Vanilla ice cream topped with eggplant dessert      5.95
Vegan dessert                                 5.00

Kids Menu
With choice of a side: saffron rice, French fries, side Israeli salad or apple sauce     4.95

Hummus & pita
Grilled Cheese Pita
Pita Pizza


Pita                 1.00
2 oz tzaziki   1.00
2 oz all other sauces    2.00